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dont want to live my life alone by gaaaybe dont want to live my life alone by gaaaybe
i feel like character references
made this guy yesterday
uncensored ver on fA, still learning how 2 use that
site dang look at me go. anyways heres some info

Ovina is a gendertrap, he adores girlie things and pretty
much everything about girls etc, their bodies, scent, hair, clothes,
etc. he mimics a 12 year old girl awfully well, but in reality is 21
and has a very deep voice. he can easily change his voice, mimic
others, throw it, etc, due to years of practice.
he is very mischevious and open to the sexual side of life,
but likes to play innocent and pretend he's the exact opposite,
mostly as a tease. he is also very councious about his hair,
and worries a lot, keeping the expression often but can easily
gain a sly grin or glint in his eyes. he also keeps a few childlike
aspects to his personality, such as clingyness and being awfully
shy in public, mostly faked tho.
he enjoys shocking people with his easily mistaken gender heh
o and he's a hetero-romantic pansexual
prefers female pronouns but im a jerk and i call him both

he's also dating =pootsy's anime princess OC fleshworm
a true sex god
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July 28, 2012
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